Penny Ross Photography: Blog en-us (C) Penny Ross Photography (Penny Ross Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:01:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:01:00 GMT Penny Ross Photography: Blog 80 120 Blake and Madison I have had the privilege of watching Madison grow up and she grew up way too fast as these are her engagement pictures. Geez!  I feel really old right now.  She is currently attending NCSU and is scheduled to be married the summer of 2016.  Blake and Madison compliment each other and are just a perfect match.  Magic happens when they are together.


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Anna I think we rescheduled this photo shoot about 3 different times as the rain was very uncooperative.  We were finally able to set a date but had to shoot in between rain showers and if you look close enough you can see the rain drops dripping from the leaves.  Anna was barefoot the whole time and wasn't bothered at all by the rain.  She is a beauty and so down to earth with a wonderful personality.  Nothing fancy...  just Anna.  At the time of this session she was a Senior at Harrells Christian Academy.



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Kensley This beautiful young lady is a natural..  It was a hot summer/fall day and she was in full pageant attire.  She had absolutely no complaints and all smiles the whole time.  She hung right with me and didn't skip a beat only occasionally taking a break under some shade trees.  Kensley attends Harrells Christian Academy.

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Johnson - our local Life Guard I could take pictures of this handsome guy all day.  Johnson is one of our life guards at Rock Fish Country Club (son of Edwin and Michelle Blanchard) and a rising Senior at Wallace Rose Hill. It has been such a rewarding experience watching him grow and mature over the last few years.  He is always so polite with a yes ma'am and thank you and he followed directions perfectly for the photo session adding a few fun ones himself.  Yes sir, Mr. Johnson Blanchard is a fine young man with a great future.


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A Pirate's Life for Me! A friend called me up and asked if I would take some pictures at her daughter's 10th Birthday party.  Trying to host a party and take pictures at the same time can be very stressful. (I'm sure you have been there too.)  Anything to relieve the stress and have an enjoyable day is at the top of the list and was all to happy to assist on this special day. We pulled up to the party just in time as the Pirate ship was coming into port complete with Pirates - in flip flops.  Everyone (adults and children alike) had a blast as they road the pirate ship up and down the canal.  The men took care of the cooking and did an awesome job as we are still talking about the juicy grilled hot dogs and hamburgers.  Amie and Jamie had healthy snacks everywhere and including a watermelon carved like a pirate ship.  Lots of sunshine was on the agenda which called for lots of sunscreen. There was even a Pirate's Chest with lots of Booty for the kids to take home.   I just snapped away and enjoyed the site of excited children who were Pirates for a day.   After everyone is gone it is nice to sit back and re-live this special event through pictures. This is one party that will not soon be forgotten!!

















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Garrett and Owen Kudos to these two for getting up early for a morning photo session at the Depot.   What a great family as I had the opportunity to get to know these two young men.  A little shy at first but their personalities popped after the first couple of clicks from the camera.  Rising freshmen at Wallace Rose Hill.  I'm sure you will hear a lot of good things from these two as they pursue their passions.  We finished up just in time for breakfast.  A great way to start the day!!


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Tony & LeAnn Horne Had the pleasure of spending a Sunday afternoon with this precious family.  There is never a dull moment with this group.  Annsley didn't want her picture taken but before long she warmed up to the camera and then forgot the camera was anywhere around.  The whole family just did their thing and I went around just snapping away with candid shots almost completely un-noticed.  To me, these were some of the best shots as it captured genuine family interaction and captured personalities just perfectly.  Wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


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Sarah & Jenson I had the pleasure of photographing these young ladies for the Senior Prom.  It is so easy to get caught up in their excitement and I had a great time listening to the tedious rituals of preparing for such an event.  The weather was beautiful and the scenery at Riverlanding was a perfect setting for pictures.  Moms were busy helping me carry props and equipment, cell phones were buzzing with anticipation of the night to come, and two young ladies posed to perfection through it all...  PROM 2015 - an evening to remember...


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Jacob This photo session took us to two locations.  Jacob is a Senior at Wallace Rose Hill who absolutely loves baseball.  So it was a no-brainer that we have a session on the Baseball field.  Our second location was a more casual session with lots of fun and kidding around at the Depot in Wallace. Really enjoyed taking photos of this young man.  



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Family Reunions What a great way to preserve memories.  We have a family reunion every other year which isn't that unusual, however this family reunion can last up to three (3) days.  On this particular day I took my camera (like that is a surprise) with the intent of taking pictures of each family, the oldest, youngest, the matriarchs and patriarchs.  It might not have seemed important at the time, but two years from now it will be priceless.  Imagine 50 years from now.  Snapshot in time - unforgettable..












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Rainy Days at the Ross House Some days it is just too ugly to get outside with camera equipment and take photos, so we bring it indoors.  My pets run and hide on days like these because they know an indoor photo session is about to happen and they are going to be the subject.  After coaxing, petting, giving treats and giving "the Look" they finally settled down and let me shoot away.  Even sleeping through some of the shots.






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Evans Jewelers Received a unique request for photography by Evans Jewelers.  They wanted to photograph new jewelry that was hand crafted by Ms. Bridgett.  We had four lovely young ladies who were just a delight to work with who volunteered to show case these new creations.  It was hard to focus on just the jewelry with these beautiful faces and personalities.  It was a great day.  If you like the Jewelry you see, contact Evans Jewelers in Wallace to place an order today.  Click here to view more pictures from the Evans Photo shoot.


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Brooke One of my favorite people to photograph.  She is such a trooper and open to any suggestions even laying on the hard train tracks.  Brooke is very active in her church and is currently a student at Sampson Early College and holds a part time job.  Very busy teenager.

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Scronce I had the best time photographing this young lady.  It was a cold day in December and we were on a "TOP SECRET" mission, but she was so professional and ignored the cold wind as we photographed away.  She surprised her parents by giving them canvas prints for Christmas from the photo shoot.


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